About Mantis Massage

We're a small, unique studio where you get to run your own show! You really get to treat the practice like your own when you're with your clients. Wear what you're comfortable wearing, listen to music you like, be friendly, and do awesome work!

A day working at Mantis looks like this:

You walk in the front door with your coffee/tea/kombucha in hand and smell the fresh citrus and eucalyptus oils perfumes in the air. Your super sweet and friendly clients with be eagerly awaiting you sipping on their own organic tea. You head to the break room to great your super rad co-workers and drop off your belongings then go set up your favorite room with all the amenities you like. You put on one of the playlists you've put together to make your day as enjoyable as all the clients you're fixing up. Your body feels great because of the free massage you get every month and the gym membership you have that's paid for. You greet your first client. You've been helping them for months with a rock-climbing injury that affects their facial muscles. There was a lot of stripping and stretching and trigger point at the beginning but at this point you seem them every 6 weeks for maintenance. Because you fixed them! You did it! You spend an hour clearing their platysma and jaw connections while chatting about the new company they're starting and if/how/when they should propose to their girlfriend. You guys are friends. You're friends with all your clients. Because you're awesome. You're as great to hang out with as you are a massage therapist. You're hired.

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